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Birth Injury Myths and Facts

  Distinguishing the facts from the myths surrounding birth injuries can be an overwhelming and stressful endeavor for current and future parents alike. No parent enjoys thinking about the thought of something happening to their child—or remembering that something has happened to them—but understanding the facts (and your legal options) can be an immense aid […]

When To Settle Birth Injury Claims

Birth Injury claims are always complex. The person suing must establish that a midwife, doctor, nurse or hospital authority was negligent and that the negligence caused the child’s injuries. In addition, there is a further complicating factor of determining what would be a reasonable quantification of the child’s damages. The litigation process can be lengthy […]

future care costs of a birth injury in Canada

What are the adaptive equipment, transportation, and housing needs that can be sought in a birth injury claim?

A birth injury lawsuit can provide the opportunity to seek financial compensation to address the future needs of caring for a child who has suffered life altering injuries.  Children with cerebral palsy, for example, will have significant lifelong needs that in most instances are inadequately compensated for through public sources.  As the child grows and […]

When is a trial necessary for a birth injury claim?

The vast majority of birth injury claims that BILA lawyers take on will be settled out of court, without the need for a trial. Why is this? First, BILA lawyers carefully investigate all potential cases to ensure that only meritorious claims are advanced. Second, BILA lawyers retain top quality experts to build their case. Solid […]

I’m not sure about a lawsuit – what other steps can I take?

Whether or not you receive legal advice that a lawsuit is warranted, you may wish to pursue other steps against a doctor or hospital. In general, there are two main avenues of complaint/investigation. These are as follows: Complaint to the physician’s professional regulatory association Complaint to the hospital/health region. While these processes do not typically […]