Canadian Birth Injury FAQ

The pages listed below offer answers to many common questions BILA members receive about Canadian birth injuries.

How do I find out what happened to my baby?

Many parents do not know exactly what caused their baby’s injuries. They may know that something went wrong, but no one has explained to them what happened. Or they may only know that their child has disabilities with no explanation of a cause. Even where there has been some disclosure by the doctors about what […]

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How do I know if my child has been a victim of medical malpractice?

Birth injuries are a type of complex medical malpractice claim.  Virtually anything that goes wrong during pregnancy or labour and delivery can raise questions about the quality of medical care. The only way to know if a malpractice claim exists is to properly investigate the facts and medical-legal issues involved. If you or your family […]

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How do I select a Birth Trauma lawyer?

The Birth Injury Lawyers’ Alliance of Canada (“BILA”) consists of lawyers from across all regions of Canada, with the exception of Quebec, who offer their experienced services in handling birth trauma cases.   Such cases are particularly challenging in that they present complex issues based on evolving medical science and legal principles. In selecting a birth […]

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What is a life care plan and why is it important in birth injury claims?

A Life Care Plan is a report prepared by a suitably qualified expert that identifies and addresses both immediate and long-term needs for a child that has suffered catastrophic injuries. A Life Care Plan will typically set out a comprehensive list all of the various supports, services, therapies, and equipment that will be required to […]

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What is electronic fetal heart monitoring and why is it important?

Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) is a condition of newborn brain sickness that can be caused by impaired oxygenation of a baby during labour and delivery. Unfortunately this can lead to brain injury and profound physical and cognitive disability. Some babies will end up suffering from Cerebral Palsy (which involves motor dysfunction and cognitive challenges) or with […]

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Why should I hire a BILA lawyer?

The answer is simple – it is about leveling the playing field. Allow us to explain. In the field of birth injury, the playing field is far from level. Physicians in Canada are represented by an organization called the Canadian Medical Protective Association (the “CMPA”). The CMPA is a highly sophisticated and well-funded organization. Its […]

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