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Birth Injuries are rare in Canadian hospitals, but when they occur, they are life-changing. Approximately 6-8 in 1,000 births are affected by an injury occurring prior to, during, or immediately after labour and delivery. Reasons for the injuries vary, but it is clear that a significant number of injuries occurring around the time of birth are caused by poor medical care and should have been avoided. Many of the avoidable injuries are caused lapses in the monitoring of the health of the fetus and the failure to recognize abnormal uterine activity.

Severity Range

The severity of birth injuries can range from minor conditions such as fractures, bruising, or other temporary conditions that resolve quickly, to catastrophic injuries to the brain or spine that may result in cerebral palsy, autism, or other significant traumatic conditions resulting in long-term disability, or death.

Families who’ve experienced birth injury often feel alone, and unsure about exactly what happened to their baby and how to proceed with a legal claim. The Birth Injury Lawyers Alliance of Canada provides access to information and support for Canadian families and victims of birth injury.

About Legal Representation

Legal representation is an important factor for families who suspect negligence or medical malpractice in their infant’s injury. Costs for care of affected infants can run into the millions of dollars. If you feel that your family has been affected by a birth injury, find experienced support through the Birth Injury Lawyers Alliance of Canada.

Our team of expert lawyers will guide you through the steps in pursuing compensation for medical malpractice. Caring for a child with a debilitating disability can be a difficult emotional, physical and financial burden for families. Financial compensation can lessen the impact of financial worries, and may cover unanticipated costs including medical expenses, relocation or transportation to access medical services, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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