How to Become Involved

Contact a Birth Injury Lawyer

If you would like to discuss a potential case with a lawyer associated with BILA, or have any questions concerning birth injury claims, it is easy to contact us. Please feel free to call us on our toll-free number 1-800-300-BILA (2452), or use the contact form available on this website.

Initial Discussion About Your Claim

During the initial discussion of a birth injury claim, the lawyer will typically seek from you certain basic information about what happened. This may include information about the pregnancy and delivery in question, including the date of delivery, the expected due date, the facility where the delivery occurred, the names of any doctors or nurses involved if known, any complications that occurred during the course of the delivery, any issues that arose during the course of the pregnancy itself including prenatal care, and a description of any injuries that arose including any medical procedures or assessments since the time of birth. The lawyer in the initial discussions may have further questions or seek other information depending on the circumstances of what occurred.

The lawyer can also discuss with you what further steps can be taken in the investigation of the potential case. This will usually include gathering all of the relevant medical records such as the prenatal records, records from the labour and delivery including any fetal heart tracings, and any neonatal care records including CT scans or MRIs.

Your lawyer will typically review all of this information and may also seek the assistance of a medical expert to provide opinions on standard of care and causation issues related to the potential claim.

In this manner, your lawyer can then conduct a full assessment of the circumstances of the case. While there are never any guarantees of success in birth injury claims, your lawyer can advise you on the merits of pursuing a claim, and your options on the next steps that can be taken in any particular case.

Have Legal Questions About Your Birth Trauma Case?

If you have any questions about birth trauma cases and especially if you think you may have a potential claim, please do not hesitate to become involved by contacting us at your earliest opportunity so that we may answer your questions and discuss with you any potential claims.