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Fetal Non-Stress Tests

Fetal non-stress tests are used in pregnancy to passively monitor the baby’s heart rate, which tells health care practitioners about the health of the baby. What A Non-Stress Test Tells You About Your Baby’s Health   The number of beats per minute and the pattern of the baby’s heart rate can actually tell a health care […]

When To Settle Birth Injury Claims

Birth Injury claims are always complex. The person suing must establish that a midwife, doctor, nurse or hospital authority was negligent and that the negligence caused the child’s injuries. In addition, there is a further complicating factor of determining what would be a reasonable quantification of the child’s damages. The litigation process can be lengthy […]

Identifying The Fetus At Risk for Neurologic Injury

Neurologic injury, and cerebral palsy in particular, can be a devastating result of poor care during labour and delivery. However, some babies are vulnerable to injury before labour begins. This may be as a result of a problem with the mother’s health, the baby’s health or the environment in which the fetus develops. Where these […]