How do I select a Birth Trauma lawyer?

The Birth Injury Lawyers’ Alliance of Canada (“BILA”) consists of lawyers from across all regions of Canada, with the exception of Quebec, who offer their experienced services in handling birth trauma cases.   Such cases are particularly challenging in that they present complex issues based on evolving medical science and legal principles. In selecting a birth trauma lawyer, it is important to consider the experience and knowledge that the lawyer may possess to handle such a case and the resources that they may have available to them to advance a claim.

A birth injury claim should usually be pursued in the Province or Territory in which the infant’s delivery or medical care occurred that resulted in his or her injuries. As such, at BILA we recommend that you discuss any potential claim with a lawyer from the jurisdiction or region in which those events occurred. In this way, you will have access to the lawyer associated with BILA who has the best experience and knowledge in handling birth injury claims in the particular jurisdiction or region in which the case would be pursued.

While any solicitor and client relationship with a BILA lawyer is specific to that lawyer and his or her law firm, BILA lawyers do share knowledge and access to legal and medical resources to ensure that their respective birth injury clients receive the highest quality representation and have the most current information needed to tackle the complex and difficult medical science and legal principles associated with such cases. Given the importance of having informed and knowledgeable legal representation that has access to the evolving medical standards involved in a birth trauma case, we recommend that you consider selecting a lawyer associated with BILA who possesses such experience and knowledge, and who has access to the shared information and resources that come from BILA.

To get in touch with a BILA lawyer from the Province or region in which the events of your case occurred, please call our toll-free number at 1-800-300-BILA (2452) or use the contact form on this website. We would be pleased to answer your questions or discuss the merits of your potential case.