Birth Injury Myths and Facts

by BILA Team


Distinguishing the facts from the myths surrounding birth injuries can be an overwhelming and stressful endeavor for current and future parents alike. No parent enjoys thinking about the thought of something happening to their child—or remembering that something has happened to them—but understanding the facts (and your legal options) can be an immense aid for parents with children affected by birth injuries stemming from medical malpractice.

What causes Cerebral Palsy? Is it too late to file a birth injury claim? Can I prove medical negligence in my claim? Most importantly, how can I seek justice for my child if I cannot afford a lawyer?

We’ve created our Birth Injury Law: Myth & Fact infographic to help answer these questions—and more—as a resource for BILA members’ clients across all of Canada.

Birth Injury Infographic

Legal Assistance for Cerebral Palsy and Other Birth Injuries across Canada

With lawyers across Canada specializing in birth injury law, BILA’s access to top legal and medical resources allows our members to provide the highest quality representation and most current information to their clients. After a brief consultation with one of our lawyers, they will help you determine the facts of your birth injury claim, and how to best address your claim with the personnel and facilities responsible for the injuries sustained.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a birth injury caused by medical malpractice, you are fully entitled to receive compensation from the doctors and facilities responsible. Contact us today to speak to a BILA lawyer in your province and discuss the circumstances of your case.

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