Risks of Uterine Contraction Patterns

Risks of Uterine Contraction Patterns

Main Takeaways: Uterine contractions can compress the blood vessels in the uterus, potentially interfering in the transfer of oxygen to the placenta and the baby. In a normal labor, one contraction every two to three minutes or less than five contractions in a 10 minute period is ideal. A uterus must rest between contractions, having […]

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Proving Causation in Medical Malpractice Cases

In order to succeed in a medical malpractice case, the patient must prove, on the balance of probabilities, the following: That the medical practitioner in question (physician, nurse, midwife etc.) owed the plaintiff a duty of care (usually not an issue), A breach of the standard of care required of any reasonably competent practitioner of […]

The Importance of Ultrasound in Pregnancy

The Importance of Ultrasound in Pregnancy

Main Takeaways: An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of a developing baby, the mother’s placenta, and uterus, usually during the second trimester. An ultrasound can provide very important diagnostic information about a developing baby, including confirming the pregnancy and gestational age; checking for multiple pregnancies, congenital anomalies, and/or problems with the placenta; monitoring […]

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What Are the Future Needs and Care Costs in a Birth Injury Claim?

As discussed in earlier articles on adaptive equipment, housing and transportation needs, a birth injury lawsuit provides the opportunity to seek financial compensation to address the challenges in caring for a child who has suffered a preventable birth injury. A hypoxic event at birth may result in injuries that require complex care for the balance of the child’s life. […]

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Contingency Fees – Access To Justice In Birth Injury Cases

High Costs of Litigation As Canadians we do not pay medical fees directly. Instead, the physicians who treat us are paid by provincial medical insurance plans which are funded by our tax dollars. This of course is not the case for lawyers. Unless we qualify for provincially funded legal aid, which is limited to criminal […]