Some feedback about Birth Injury Lawsuits: A Parent’s Guide

by John McKiggan

We always like to get feedback about the educational materials we provide. So it was great to hear from Monique Chisholm who provided us with her thoughts after she read a copy of BILA’s consumer education guide Birth Injury Lawsuits: A Parent’s Guide.

I really liked the book Birth Injury Lawsuits – A Parent’s Guide by the Birth Injury Lawyers Alliance. I thought it was well done, well thought out, thorough, and made a clear pathway for parents considering a birth injury medical malpractice lawsuit.

I like how the book says “This guide can be helpful…it might be too overwhelming…when you feel ready.” I think that is important for families to know, especially since they are already feeling so overwhelmed with their situation.

Chapter 2 explains the kinds of injuries can happen. Most parents have no idea. Chapter 3 explaining how the electronic fetal monitor works. I LOVED that the book explains accelerations and decelerations and what they mean for the baby. My favourite is Chapter 4 because it explains all the benefits of a BILA lawyer in a simplistic and straightforward way.

Overall it’s a great book that I think all families considering a birth injury lawsuit should have first. Like the book says, if the book is too overwhelming just read the book in your own time when you feel ready. Also, you can skip to the end of the book and use the step-by-step action guide as well as the resource section.


If you would like a copy of Birth Injury Lawsuits – A Parent’s Guide, you can buy a copy on Amazon (all proceeds go to charity). But you can download a free copy here on our website. If you would like a print copy we will send you one, at no charge, if you call us toll-free at 1-800-300-BILA (2452).

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