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Alberta to Begin Screening Newborns for Four New Conditions

Alberta to Begin Screening Newborns for Four New Conditions

Alberta Health Services officially introduced the screening for four new metabolic health conditions for every newborn child starting in late May, and the impact of these new tests were almost immediate felt through the diagnosis of a baby boy with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) in early July. The boy’s name is Hudson Cowie, and he […]

Pain and suffering damages are capped in Canada

Pain and Suffering Damages

One of the most common pain and suffering damages questions we are asked is “what is my case worth?” The amount of damages available to a birth injury plaintiff depends on: the amount of the cost of care, which is determined by a cost of care expert during the course of the lawsuit; the child’s […]

Fetal Non-Stress Tests

Fetal non-stress tests are used in pregnancy to passively monitor the baby’s heart rate, which tells health care practitioners about the health of the baby. What A Non-Stress Test Tells You About Your Baby’s Health   The number of beats per minute and the pattern of the baby’s heart rate can actually tell a health care […]

A Letter to Moms of Children with Cerebral Palsy

If you are a mom, you have likely experienced “mom guilt” at one point or another. As a working mother, I have had my fair share. The more I speak with other mothers, the more I realize that it is an almost universal feeling. It is rarely rational and logical, but that feeling remains, all […]